Freda Locker Discusses Importance of Asian Lives Matter Movement

Freda Locker

April 28, 2021

Freda Locker Discusses Importance of Asian Lives Matter Movement

As a rehearsal pianist for the Boston Ballet, Freda Locker has traveled, trained, and performed both in the US and internationally with people of all walks of life. Some of the most brilliant artists and musicians in the world of ballet and theater arts are of Asian heritage. The recent #StopAsianHate mass rallies have given more exposure to the unfortunate and despicable acts of violence. It also explains why it is an important movement that all Americans should take part.

Asian-American hate crimes on the increase

NBC News has reported a nearly 150% rise in crimes against Asian Americans in 2020. While Freda Locker acknowledges this is mostly in major cities like New York and Los Angeles, it is characteristic of microcosms across the nation where Americans are blaming those of Asian descent as retaliation and is rooted in an anti-China sentiment.

Freda Locker feels the same way as most sensible Americans do – that Asian-American-directed hate crimes are not the answer to overcoming the Covid pandemic. But, each person taking responsibility by following globally accepted protocols to reduce the spread of coronavirus is the only proper response.

For one thing, the latest anti-Asian American wave was systematic and made worse by the rising bigoted and hateful rhetoric against China. For another, the hate crimes against Asian people are rising, not only in the US but also in other Western countries such as Australia and Germany, partly due to the US’ anti-China crusade.

Why Freda Locker supports Asian Lives Matter Movement?

We are at time in eternity where all of us can get behind what’s right and what’s noble. Black lives, women’s lives, and Asian lives deserve support because of the way these groups have been especially marginalized throughout history.

The most dangerous virus among us is hatred. Black-Asian solidarity needs the support of all Americans who know that the history of White supremacy as a legacy of the spilled blood of innocent victims. Freda Locker knows that anti-black and anti-Asian sentiments are hidden in the hearts of many Americans. But, now is the time to rally around communities of color and forge a new path of agreement and accord with all Americans.

Asian-American leaders are leading the way towards a political reckoning. In the past, referred to as the ‘model minority’ because of the myth that this immigrant population was willing to remain silent and live confrontation-free within their own communities, today’s Asian-American leaders are looking towards a political reckoning.

Freda Locker, as an activist and supporter of many anti-hate and anti-discrimination movements, supports the Asian Lives Matter Movement. She also believes that support from the White House and more intervention by justice departments across the land are needed to fight discrimination against Asian-Americans in all its forms.